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Free School Meal vouchers for October half term -

Kent County Council has announced vouchers for food are available during half-term for families whose children are eligible for benefits related free school meals, so that no Kent child goes hungry.

A dedicated helpline has been set up. Families who apply will receive one supermarket voucher of £15 per child.

Anyone eligible for free school meals who needs extra financial support to help feed their children can now visit or call the dedicated helpline on 03000 41 24 24. Families have until next Monday 2nd November 5pm to apply.

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Telephone : 01227 931300 Email : Office

BTEC/RSL - Business




It is essential that you are prepared for the challenges of an in-depth and rigorous course. It is extremely important that over the next two years of your course that you become familiar with real business activity within your local, national and international environment.

In order for you to start this mission, you are expected to do the following before you start the course and hand in during your first week of lessons (or before if you would like feedback)




1. You need to collect THREE business news articles over the summer. State the date and paper they are taken from and summarise the main points for each.

2. Think of THREE different businesses and explain how each of them has reacted to the pandemic. Think about how they have been affected, how they have treated their staff and how stable their position in the future is.

3. Over the last few weeks, how have mortgage rates and interest rates been affected?

4. If you email Mrs Brown or Miss Sawyer we will be able to send you a revision resource to make flashcards.





The official BTEC Business Book is:
“Pearson BTEC National Business” for the 2016 specification ISBN 978-1-292-12624-1

Apart from the main textbook, there is a huge number of interesting books you can read as an up and coming Entrepreneur! Some of these are listed below.
The Entrepreneur’s Book of Checklists: 1000 Tips to Help You Start and Grow Your Business (Robert Ashton) This is the kind of book you want to return to it again and again. It is a book that has experienced entrepreneurs nodding their heads and making mental notes of the ideas and tricks they have missed. Highly recommended.

How I Made It: 40 Successful Entrepreneurs Reveal All (Rachel Bridge) This book provides easy to read insights into the stories of 40 successful start-up entrepreneurs. Great to dip into for good examples.

My Big Idea (Rachel Bridge) In this book, Rachel Bridge takes a step back to consider what is behind the good business ideas that are converted into successful businesses. Easy reading with strong, relevant points and insights.

From Acorns (Caspian Woods) Eminently readable! Written by a man who has “been there” (to coin a phrase) but has retained that sense of passion about the challenges of setting up a successful business. Clearly written for the budding but committed entrepreneur, you can pick up some practical insights from this book.

Useful Websites Examining Board and course details - Click here









Here are some programmes to watch on NETFLIX and Amazon Prime.



The Founder


Steve Jobs – Billion Dollar Hippie


The Social Network


Inside Bill’s Brain


American Factory


Fyre – The greatest festival that never happened


The Big Short


The Great Hack


Generation Start Up


Pepsi vs Coke


Jobs vs Gates


Starbucks Unfiltered


Facebook – Cracking the Code


Rich and Famous Fortunes


The Internship


Trump – What’s the deal?


Data Centre – The true cost of the internet


The Millennial Dream


Business Mindsets for Success


Learn From The Experts - Jeff Bezos, Amazon Founder