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The Emotional Wellbeing Team

The Whitstable School will now be hosting two members of the Canterbury and Coastal Emotional Wellbeing Team for one day each week. 

Gracie and Clare are trained Emotional Wellbeing Practitioners (EWPs) and will be getting to know the school community in order to find out how we can work together to best support the emotional wellbeing and mental health of young people. 

What are EWPs and what kind of support do they offer?

The role of the EWP is part of a new shared initiative between the Department of Education and Department of Health and supports the government’s priority to increase access to emotional wellbeing and mental health support for children and young people. 

The focus of EWPs will be on helping young people to understand and to improve their emotional wellbeing and mental health using various approaches. This type of support will be most suitable for young people who are experiencing mild to moderate difficulties and whom have not received significant previous input from mental health services. 

There are a number of different ways that EWPs may be able to support young people, this includes but is not limited to: 

  • Individual or small group support for young people experiencing worries/anxiety or low mood – up to 8 sessions using an approach called ‘guided self-help’.  

  • Workshops for whole classes/year groups on common emotional wellbeing topics such as anxiety, low mood, sleep hygiene, ways to wellbeing etc. 

  • Signposting to other services that may be more suitable;

  • Supporting staff in school through training and consultation.

Until further notice this will be delivered in an online format and will be organised through the school.

Gracie and Clare will also be offering workshops that are available to different year groups and/or the whole school throughout the year so please keep an eye out for information about these. 

How do young people access this support?

For the type of support offered by EWPs, it has been found that support is most effective when young people request support for themselves, as this shows motivation to engage with a guided self-help intervention. 

The Emotional Wellbeing Team service can be accessed through completing a brief ‘Request for Support’ form where young people can tick the type of support they are interested in, this will be available on Google Classroom with an introductory video.  A member of the Emotional Wellbeing Team would then be in contact to discuss the most appropriate support.

Information sharing and consent

Young people who take part in group support or individual support will need to agree to their information being stored on the NHS electronic records system.

Wherever possible, EWPs like to work with young people with the support of their parent/carer.  During an assessment, EWPs will ask for consent to share the type of support being offered with parents/carers/school.  In some instances, young people may choose not to inform their parent/carer/school.  When this happens EWPs make a thorough assessment of the young person’s ability to give their consent based on their understanding of the support being offered, the potential benefits and any potential risks.  Where a young person is deemed capable of giving their consent then EWPs uphold the young person’s right to access confidential support, without the need for parental consent or knowledge.  After giving consent, a young person can choose to withdraw this consent at any time.  

If a young person were to share any information in a session that raised concerns about their safety or the safety of someone else, then confidentiality would be broken and necessary information would be shared.

If you would like to discuss any of the above information, please contact the Emotional Wellbeing Team (Mrs Murphy and Mrs Newton) -


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